About Us

Yosemite Coffee Company was born out of a love for the outdoors, backpacking, and of course coffee. In 2020, Yosemite Coffee Company's founder Keaton wanted to help people make the most of their Yosemite experience. Although we have just set out on this goal, we are eager to help you hold tight to those memories and help bring you back to those memories for years to come. 
Keaton Baker
YCC Founder 

Keaton remembers taking trips up to Yosemite during his childhood, but also exploring the back country just south of Yosemite National Park. As he grew older he got into photography and Videography and his trips to Yosemite and the back country became more frequent. He fell in love with coffee and wanted to combine  his passions together: coffee, Yosemite, and hiking. He remembers his mornings growing up drinking hot chocolate and watching the sunrise, as he grew older his preference changed from hot chocolate to coffee. And he often likes to relive these back country sunrises when he is having his morning coffee, and he hopes to help you do the same.